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LinkedIn profiles are a must for every executive job-search candidate. Without one, you simply don't exist in the world of executive recruitment and hiring. Unlike your resume where you only have 1-2 pages to tell your career story, LinkedIn allows you plenty of space to include valuable information about your qualifications, experiences, achievements, project highlights, educational credentials, affiliations, areas of interest and so much more. Starting with the all-important headline (similar to a branding statement) and followed by a 2000-character summary section, you can share a wealth of information about your career as it relates to your current objectives. Then, use your job descriptions to share interesting stories about each of your positions and your key contributions to each organization.

The single most important thing to remember when writing your LinkedIn profile is that it is NOT a copy of your resume. Rather, the tone and writing style are different so that you're able to share the same information that is already present on your resume, but in a unique, interesting and highly readable fashion. Your resume and LI profile should be complementary and not repetitive!

Professional Writing Fees:
The fees for writing Executive LinkedIn Profiles vary based on the complexity of the project, the number of positions you've held, your current career objective and more. You will be provided with an exact price after our initial consultation. Generally, fees for LinkedIn Profiles range from $495 to $895.

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