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Modernize Your Resume book cover

As mentioned on pages 141–142 of Modernize Your Resume, here are 5 resumes—in color—so that you can see how truly unique, distinctive, and eye-catching a resume can be. Just remember that your design must match your industry, profession, audience, and career goals. Enjoy!

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Infographics Sample ResumeMichelle Riklan, ACRW, CPRW, CEIC, CJSS
Riklan Resources

Vincent's resume combines relevant content with innovative infographics—giving this aspiring intern 2 high-impact pages that support his career interests in the media, technology, and music industries.

Makeup Artist Sample ResumeLucie Yeomans, CPRW, JCTC, OPNS
Sick Resumes

Linda's resume is perfect for her profession as a makeup artist. The background illustration is subtle but effective. On each page, a box in the right column highlights her media coverage, expertise, education, and skills—all of which complement her salon and freelance experience that is detailed in the left and middle portions of the resume.

Hospitality Sample ResumeSkye Berry-Burke, CMRW, CRS, CIS, CES
Skye Is The Limit Resume & Career Solutions

Why not create a menu resume for someone in the hospitality field? Jessica's dramatic presentation suits her profession, and all of the material is well organized and tightly written. The photos support the menu theme and lighten up what could be a dark page. Jessica's very creative and professional presentation gives her an instant edge over her competition.

Colorful Sample ResumeMichael McNamee
University of Wyoming

The design of Arthur's resume is actually quite straightforward—a simple 2-column format with nicely balanced content in each column. What makes it stand out are the color and the icons that identify his professional skills on the right and each of the main entries on the left. The resume makes an indelible first impression.

Golf Sample ResumeMichelle Riklan, ACRW, CPRW, CEIC, CJSS
Riklan Resources

Can you tell what Manny's expertise is? You certainly can—without reading a single word on the resume, because the graphics and color instantly connect him to the golf industry. The striking design on page 1 is carried through in a simpler but consistent style on page 2. Important information is uniquely positioned in the various corner sections of both pages, giving him a truly distinctive resume presentation.

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